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Hebephiles are sexually attracted to teens.

Pedophiles are sexually attracted to children.

The woodchipper doesn't care.

Feet first, low gear. 

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Fundraiser ended, raised $2000! First goal was $1000 but decided to keep it going to $2k! Thanks to everyone who purchased one. Price is reduced from $10 to $6)
All proceeds will be donated to to cover costs of sending up to 28 kids to a self-defense class to teach them how to recognize signs of predatory behavior and exploitation. Inspiration behind this fundraiser were the arrests made of a couple who sexually abused two elementary aged special needs boys they adopted, pimping them out to others in their pedophile ring along with using them to make child pornography.  Absolutely demonic. Zero quarter for scumbags such as these. 

Pedophile Lives Don’t Matter

    • Vinyl
    • Weatherproof (sun, rain, etc,)
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Scratch resistant
    • 4"x3"

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