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Long ago in the lands of Alaska, Raven, the trickster, took a fancy to the chiefs daughter. The chief allowed them to marry, but warned Raven that if he ever wrongs her she will leave. After marriage three fell on hard times when winter arrived. The wife began to weave a basket. Raven bugged her each day about it, but she said to let her be. Once she completed it, she washed her hands in it, and the first salmon appeared. Their house was now full of dried fish to last them through the winter. But Raven became short with his wife, quarreling with her often, and never expressed his appreciation for her gifts. After one fight she'd had enough and ran. Raven reached for her but his hands passed through her body. She ran into the water and became the fog over the ocean. 
Today when you see a Raven flying over the sea, he's looking for his wife to beg for forgiveness. 

Fog Woman

    • Vinyl
    • Weatherproof (sun, rain, etc,)
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Scratch resistant
    • 3"x4"

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